Ties from the past... Tracks to our future...

IHPS Philosophy


We hire veterans as much as possible because the military instills team work, accountability, and a desire for accomplishing goals, no matter the obstacle. The traits stated before are all prerequisites for being a part of our team.  Our veterans selfless service warrants a good paying job.

All wages paid to staff are good, and enhance each team member's financial  freedom. Employee earnings are paid by the liquidation of railroad materials. We do not receive or seek government assistance employing staff or other members. 

  • Provide ample income 
  • No Government Funding, or Grant Money
  • Flawless execution of rail removal and trail construction every time.



Iron Horse Preservation is only successful if each rails to trails member attains their goals. It takes the cooperation of many parties to complete a Rail to Trail project. This idea of success is evident from the individual pushing the documentation  through their municipality to the man swinging the sledge hammer . Sure, the men wearing the florescent green shirts pull the spikes and cut the bolts, but making the idea of a rail trail a reality takes the cooperation of everyone involved.

  • Cooperate with staff & municipalities until trail is successfully completed 
  • Responsive to local citizenry needs     
  • Supply as much assistance to municipalities     as required



 Iron Horse Preservation Society only achieves success by making positive impacts with the communities where our trails are built . We take into consideration the opinions of all citizenry and respect the sanctity of private property. We understand the concerns of dismantling a rail line and building a trail, but this process is beneficial for the community as a whole . 

  • Cooperate with owners and businesses living adjacent to the trail corridor.
  • Genuinely care about communities. 

Why Support the Rail Trails?

 - Improve your communities health by supplying more places to bike, walk and run; obesity is a growing epidemic in the United States

- When you support our movement, you support your veterans
- Improve your communities mental health; studies show outdoor activates aid in healthy  psychological growth and maintenance 

- Decrease crime; abandoned tracks draw criminal activity such as illegal dumping 

- Decrease illegal drug use and drug trade; tracks that are located in underpasses and remote areas draw drug use